That’s how to become rich, somehow it’s not stupid…

The young Joe wants to get rich with his own ranch. At the beginning he buys a horse from a farmer. He gives the farmer his entire $100 and he promises to provide him the horse the next day. The farmer comes next day to Joe with some bad news:. “I’m sorry, kid, but the […]

[PHP] Check if eMail address is correct / validation

Hello together, on almost every webpage is a field where the user have to enter his email address. Doesn’t matter if it is a contact form, the registration form for a newsletter or the registration for a member area. We need to check in every case the email address. If the structure is correct (not […]

No kisses in public or in front of other people…

Hi, today I’ve experienced something more. Ok, actually I’ve known that already from some webpages… In the Philippine culture is it not nice (or people never do it) to use endearments in front of other people. Especially kissing. Holding hands is ok :) But kissing is a no-go. That is deemed to be disrespectful. :o […]

Nextgen Gallery – Resizing images according to the aspect ratio

Soooo… after postponing it for quite a while… I sat down and solved finally the aspect ratio problem when Nextgen Gallery shall resize/shrink an image. The problem is… If I set as picture size e.g. 800×600 px (width x height), then Nextgen Gallery resizes a picture from e.g. 1024x768px to this format. All good. But […]

Lord of the Weed

I believe here is nobody who doesn’t know it already, but there is nothing better! :) I can’t really remember when I saw this video first time… but for sure it is a long time ago… anyway I like to see it again and again and it’s not getting boring. It is the best spoof […]

Self-made Frapé

Hi, our favorite drink in the last days is a typical Greek drink… “Frapé”. Frapè is a great refreshing drink and gives energy to body and sould :D How to do it? Simple… take a glass… the best is one which becomes wider on top (like a goblet). Then add one teaspoon instant coffee and […]

MMS settings for Cytamobile (Vodafone) – Cyprus

Hi, after I am not over month here, I wanted to send a MMS today and realized that my mobile isn’t configured for it. So I went first of all to the website of Cytamobile Vodafone … on the search for information how to setup my mobile. But unfortunately I couldn’t even find after one […]

Katarina Home-Made Sweets from Cyprus

Katerina Home-made sweets Katerina is a real tip when you like home-made. Doesn’t matter if sweets, jam or other specialties in this range. Everything is fresh and hand-made. If you are lucky then you can even watch it. I guess there wasn’t a single fruit I didn’t saw here… if strawberries, apples, figs… everything. A […]

Cost of living in Cyprus – Part 1

So, I’ve done my first shopping’s here in Cyprus and would like to make a small conclusion. Actually it’s not so hard till now… most of the things are more expensive then I thought. Following a small list (which I still can remember): Carton of cigarettes L&M Red = 27,25 Euro (cheaper, especially because here […]