Lord of the Weed

I believe here is nobody who doesn’t know it already, but there is nothing better! :) I can’t really remember when I saw this video first time… but for sure it is a long time ago… anyway I like to see it again and again and it’s not getting boring. It is the best spoof […]

Self-made Frapé

Hi, our favorite drink in the last days is a typical Greek drink… “Frapé”. Frapè is a great refreshing drink and gives energy to body and sould :D How to do it? Simple… take a glass… the best is one which becomes wider on top (like a goblet). Then add one teaspoon instant coffee and […]

MMS settings for Cytamobile (Vodafone) – Cyprus

Hi, after I am not over month here, I wanted to send a MMS today and realized that my mobile isn’t configured for it. So I went first of all to the website of Cytamobile Vodafone … on the search for information how to setup my mobile. But unfortunately I couldn’t even find after one […]