Happy Birthday

Hello together, I thought I’ll make a small surprise, because tomorrow have 2 more family member birthday and also a lot of other people celebrate their birthday at the moment. But before a word of warning: Don’t hear it to loud. It is still very… cat-like… but it’s the thought that counts. ;-) Have fun […]

Today 100 years ago in the Atlantic – The Titanic sunk

Hi. MSN just pointed me on it… so today a bit history. Because exactly on the day 100 years ago sunk the luxury liner Titanic in the Atlantic ocean. The biggest vessel that time which was considered to be unsinkable. Then the iceberg came… and proofed the opposite. The Titanic was launched on the 02. […]

[PHP] How to add a line break in PHP

Hi, today I’ll like to talk about the subject line breaks with PHP. I guess this article will be not very long, because it’s done with a few lines of code. :)

My first 3 songs on the violin

Hi together. Today I don’t want to do good to you :-) I was writing a while ago that I started  to play violin. I don’t want to become a new  David Garret (much less Vanessa May :) )… but it is a good hobby for the winter time (when it is to cold for […]