Gordon’s new mobile – Huawei U8800

I’ve got finally a new mobile. After mine – meanwhile 5 years old – broke down in Germany, was it really time. And here I want to write the first small report about my new nice Smartphone :)

Visiting Germany in October 2012

I’ve been in Germany again. It was an unscheduled visit because father had a big birthday. And then it was straight for 2 1/2 weeks. I was going for an half Germany trip, with a customer visit in Düsseldorf and an international meeting in Frankfurt. Read more about it…

[PHP] Normalization of strings – Upper and lower case

Hi, today again a small task to do in PHP. The following situation: We have a text-string in which is (obviously) a text. Lets say the content is: HERE you’ll get today CHEAP cucumber DIRECT from the farmer. We would like to change this string now like we want to change all words which consist […]