Photographing soap bubbles

After I was playing around with water drops, macro, splish-splash… I was playing yesterday with soap bubbles. Here you can see the results and read how I done it.

Imagine you wake up one day and your bank account has been plundered…

Hi. Imagine you get up one day and someone took money from your bank account. Without asking you, without your permission. What will you do? Police, criminal complaint, trying to get the money back? I think that would be the normal way, isn’t it? Well, exactly this just happened. Not (only) with me. But with […]

Focus stacking – How to get more depth of field

When the depth of field becomes to small, then you need an idea. Especially in the macro photography is the depth of field quickly below 1 mm. The solution is called ‘focus stacking’. What it means I try to explain you here.