Photoshooting with Nadya

Again I had a great shooting. This time with Nadya. She is originally from Russia and is now in Cyprus for a while. She have experience with cameras already and was my first experienced model. But have a look by yourself…

Professional photo shooting with Océane and Pauline

And again we had a great photo shooting in Cyprus. This time more professional with makeup, hairdresser, fashion, light guy and 2 beautiful models.

Buffavento (Cyprus) in a time lapse and pictures

And again we made an interesting project. A time lapse movie. This small movies which move very fast. The result is a cool movie and some good pictures.

Awesome pictures of a night in Akrotiri

These are the most awesome pictures I’ve made yet. Sunset- and night pictures of the wreck in Akrotiri.

Recently at the tattooist…

Recently at the tattooist… I’ve got first a photo shooting and then a new tattoo :)

Sunset over the Limassol

With Athanasia at sunset over the roofs of Limassol.

Little firestarter

Athanasia is playing with the fire in the streets of Limassol.

Cornsnake feeding

Feeding time for a corn snake with a mouse.

Sunrise in Limassol

A few new pictures of a sunrise in Limassol.