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What if you are lying on your deathbed and you realize you never lived?


I write on my website about my life, my traveling and my hobbies.

Why do I write that? Well, for my family, friends and everybody else who is interested in it. ;)

Have a look and read a bit

Snap Shot

One of my big hobbies is photography (the other one diving).

I’ll show here my pictures and write about my experience.


Beside the photography is diving my other big hobby.

To get out of our stressed world for a while and to dive into another world. Experience adventures and relaxing.

Come, I’ll take you with me a bit…


I need to work to finance my life. I do that with programming. But it is also my hobby… or my hobby became my work. I am programming with VB.Net offline software and with PHP online.

Here on my page I provide some useful code snippets.


Actually, who is Bob? Bob is a MB814. My flat on wheels. Read here everything about the conversion and living on wheels.