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how is the correct form of address in an blog? You, Mr, Ms, It… I don’t know.

Maybe I will figure it out one day. Why do I do that here? Why a blog? Do I have to tell something? Do I have to say something? Or do I need just something like a diary?
I think it will be a mix out of everything. From time to time I have something to say, I also want to write a kind of diary here… at least when I will find the time for it.
Most probably it will be more something like a “month book”.
From time to time I find some interesting things in the internet where I think “Why is that so much hidden… if I (or someone else) will ever find it again?”.

Who am I? What do I do…
For sure I will not publish my whole life here… but maybe here and there some “unimportant” things.

Ah, and some more… I am like I am. My English is bad, my orthography is here and there also not 100% correct and contents-wise it can happen that it will be like hey-go-mad. But I will not reread ever sentence 5 times to check if everything is correct or if it is easy to understand… either you can follow or not ;) :P (PS: Especially now when I write the page in 2 languages!)

That much for the first entry. I will see if I can pimp my blog a bit and will see when I’ll find the next time time for an entry.

Sunny greetings

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