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today not much happened. I planed to lie in. Didn’t set up any alarm clock, nothing. And when did I wake up? At 11 :( Ok, was already longer then usually, but didn’t really helped. I am tired already again. There is something very wrong it is. Anyway, it will pass.

Today I’ve uploaded my blog online, after checking the software for one day on my local computer. Well, I’ve installed right away a very security systems. But in general is WordPress not bad.
I think that I like blogging more then I thought :) Somehow it’s really funny. But it is also a bit strange to know that the whole world could read it. Ok, that is the point of a blog. But if someone wants to read my shit here :D But I don’t force anybody to read it :)

I was today with Ronny, Steffi and Christian in the ice cafe. Was drinking a coffee and eating a nice ice cream. Was nice weather today. It was really nice after the bad weather in the last days. It was really nice to feel the sun again. And I hope it will happen more often during the next days.

Just my normal work suffered a bit today. I was not working at all that day. But it was Sunday anyway. :) But tomorrow I should finish it. We will see.

I’ll learn 1-2 lessons English and then is finish for today. Time for bed. An tomorrow… same shit, different day :D

By the way English. If you’re looking for a good software to learn English then try Rosetta Stone. That is really good for learning.


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