18 September 2008

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today – more or less – quick. It is late already… I believe slowly that it will be more a diary as a blog. But is a blog not a kind of diary? It is, or?

In the morning I was calling first of all Telekom and 1and1. The Phone/Internet needs to be changed in address. At least we try to change it to my roommate. I don’t think they can change the address to Cyprus :D

There was no problem with the Telekom. Hotline for free, nice stuff on the phone and he’ll send the form with the post. 1and1… well, what shall I say to that? First of all I needed ages to find the correct phone number. Some when I found on their webpage a number for relocation. I thought ‘relocation’… here you’re right. So, I’ve called the expensive (for me) 01805-Number (service number). After 4 minutes waiting in the queue a nice (really nice) Lady told me that I am wrong there and that I shall call a (even more expensive) 0900-number.
Again navigating through the operator menu… waiting 2-3 minutes again… and finally I could catch another nice employee, which told me competent that he will send me the form… or is it also possible via email? Email? Yeah, email is even better… faster. He promised that I’ll have it latest tomorrow the form in my email.

I didn’t had to wait for so long. Approx. 2 hours later I’ve got an email from 1and1. Unfortunately not that what I wanted. They was sending me an email with told me how I can change the Admin-C and master data. Master data… ok, but Admin-C?? If I would like to change the provider of my domain, then I would have said that! And anyway, he wanted to send me a form, but I couldn’t find anything like that.
I’ll wait until tomorrow… maybe there will come something afterwards.

Hmm… except this, nothing happened. Was working a lot and finished also some stuff. In the afternoon I stole the show again and some trouble in the flat. But I am not in mood to write about it now. Just want to go to bed.


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