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So, now I have my first interesting evening. I’ve met Rainer today. A nice German emigrant who came 2 weeks ago to Cyprus. He picked me up with a taxi.

I need to lie now, but I think we payed around 12 Euro from my home to our target. I can’t really guess how far it was… around 4-5km.

After a nice evening in the beach bar we wanted to go back. Rainer known already a trick. He asked the waitress to order us a taxi. But she said that they order only a taxi if the destination is outside of Limassol and we just can call one on the street. Ok, no problem. We went to the roadside and a second later there was one passing by… which we stopped… and got in in the middle of the street … that is all possible in Cyprus.

First we dropped Rainer at home. What good… I could never ever explain the driver where I am living :)

After a few minutes driving through the city we arrived at Rainer’s flat. The taximeter was showing 6 Euro something. I also need to say that the taximeter wasn’t visible. It was hidden behind a shutter.
Rainer explained the driver the way to my home and left.
I had a strange feeling with this taximeter already – and I had just 20 Euro with me – I’ve asked the driver if he can open the taximeter. The answer was pretty much like “NO, then the he had to stop and the drive would be over.” … What?

Then we was on my roundabout and what is he doing? Is taking the wrong exit, back in direction to the beach… wrong way lovely taxi driver! “Are you sure?” … “Yes, I am sure!!!” … “Oh, sorry.”
He turned around. … Good that I know at least the approx direction to my home and good that it was at least already the right roundabout!
So he turned around and drove in the right direction. 2 times left and we was there.

I was curious to see the taximeter. 11,21 Euro… ok, that is fair. I gave the guy 20 Euro and was digging in my pocket for 2 Euro tip. … The money disappears in his pocket … and nothing. ?? Hello!? … So I tried with the hint “and 10 Euro back…” to ask for my change. And he said “Why? 8 Euro for your Friend and 12 for you!” … ??? … aha. That would explain why he can’t open the shutter of the taximeter… because it resets to 0. But 20 Euro for a drive which makes another for 12? And I idiot give him also tip.

So my tip: Never use a taxi where the taximeter is not open visible!
And another one: Always have a look that the taximeter is on 0 (Kai had this experience already.)

An individual case? I don’t think so. If you had the same experience already, then write me in the comments.
But I am at least smarter next time.

But the best is an own car… if you can handle driving here. ;)

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