Katarina Home-Made Sweets from Cyprus

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Katerina Home-made sweets

Katerina is a real tip when you like home-made. Doesn’t matter if sweets, jam or other specialties in this range. Everything is fresh and hand-made. If you are lucky then you can even watch it.

I guess there wasn’t a single fruit I didn’t saw here… if strawberries, apples, figs… everything.

A specialhighlight is the wonderful cafe at Katerina. I liked especially the seats outside. The style reminded me much on Vienna. Old metal chairs and tables, ‘roofed’ with a green blanked of leaves (from wine and other plants) and a wonderful view on the hills of the Troodos mountains. Dreamlike.

You can find Katerina very easy. It’s direct on the B6 – the street to Troodos – in the small village Doros. If you come from Limassol, then is it on your left hand.

I also have to say that home-made things are not cheap. I don’t have the prices in my mind anymore, but it was not less… but for sure very yummy ;)


4750 Doros
Telefon: (00357) 25435152

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