Self-made Frapé

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our favorite drink in the last days is a typical Greek drink… “Frapé”. Frapè is a great refreshing drink and gives energy to body and sould :D

How to do it? Simple… take a glass… the best is one which becomes wider on top (like a goblet). Then add one teaspoon instant coffee and 2-3 teaspoons sugar on top. Then add approx. 4cl (Ice cold) water. Then use a Frapè mixer (don’t know if a normal milk frother also work) and mix it very well. It will start to foam very well… and it has to be! I mix it until no more foam appears. But it can backfire with other types of glasses. So, mix it maximum until the glass is to 3/4 full with foam. Then drop 3 ice cubes in the glass and fill it up with milk.
Add a straw, quick stir and ready is a yummy Frapè ;)

I hope you like and enjoy it.


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