No kisses in public or in front of other people…

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today I’ve experienced something more. Ok, actually I’ve known that already from some webpages…

In the Philippine culture is it not nice (or people never do it) to use endearments in front of other people. Especially kissing. Holding hands is ok :) But kissing is a no-go. That is deemed to be disrespectful. :o

That is then a bit different then in Germany and especially if you are just fresh in love… a bit bad. :) Then you would like to press each others lips together whenever you can. *smile* But there are always ways and means… our way was leading us finally to a small park with a bench in a dark corner… :D

It’s something new for me… almost a little adventure… to go in a lonely corner for kissing. In Germany we would do it only if we would have other things in our head. And here just to kiss and maybe a bit stroke each other (bit more).

I also was just reading that they called the people in the Philippines not to kiss in public on the Valentines day. So, seems like some do it anyway… or a few more. Don’t know. I can tell you just my own experiences. Maybe it is just in the own family- or friend circle ‘not allowed’… I’ll find it out. :)

As soon as I have new information I’ll let you know… will not last long :)

Sunny Greetings

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