That’s how to become rich, somehow it’s not stupid…

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The young Joe wants to get rich with his own ranch. At the beginning he buys a horse from a farmer. He gives the farmer his entire $100 and he promises to provide him the horse the next day.

The farmer comes next day to Joe with some bad news:. “I’m sorry, kid, but the animal is dropped dead of the night” Joe says: “No problem, just give me my money back..
“Impossible,” he opened the Farmer. “I have already spent the money yesterday for fertilizer.”
Joe thinks for a moment. “Well then,” he begins, “I take the dead beast anyway.” “What for?” asks the farmer.
“I want to draw it,” he explains Joe. “You can not give away any dead horse!”, Marvels of the farmers.
But Joe replies, “No problem, I’ll tell just anyone, it’s already dead …”.

Fine in a suit and chic shoes – – months later, Joe run into the farmer in the town on the road.
Asks the farmer: “Joe How was the matter with the drawing of the horse carcass?” “Peak”, he told Joe. “I have sold over 500 tickets, each $ 2 and made my first $ 1.000 profit.”
“Yes … because there’s no complaints?” “But – the winners,” says Joe.
“The I simply returned his $ 2.”

Today Joe sold structured finance at Goldman Sachs ..

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