First swim 2009

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Hi together,

yes, I had the courage to do it… first on the Sunday, but I jumped in the ice cold sea. … No, it wasn’t that bad. I guess the Mediterranean sea has around 22 degrees. And the air temperature is approx. 33 degrees in the shadow (which you can’t find on the beach) and the 22 degrees is nice refreshing and not too cold.

Just the ‘Ladies Mile Beach’ is not the best beach here. Small to middle big stones instead sand and after 2 meters is a 2 meter concrete layer in the water. It also becomes quite quick deep. I couldn’t stay until 10 meters anymore.
But for a quick swim is it ok. And it is the next beach to my flat.

Else was the weekend more or less boring. Saturday I had a meeting with a customer and afterwards shopping and working. And yesterday we went to the flea market (looking for a birthday present) and then an hour on the beach and in the evening we was invented for dinner.
So nothing special, but anyway nice :)

Best regards

PS: And a few new pictures :)

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