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I found recently, while browsing the internet, 2 nice webpages.

The one is http://www.openstreetmap.org/. A lot of people came together and created street maps in the whole world. The webpage have many interesting aspects. The maps are, as far as I can see, very exact. Even in the last corner of the earth they have street names. :-) For example in Cyprus :-D Try that with Google Earth… there you can be happy if at least the street is in the map… but don’t ask for the name.
On the other hand are the maps for free and you can add them to your own homepage or you can even make pictures of it (so not including them in a frame). But it is without warrant… maybe it will change one day… so always have a look in the license terms.

And there is also a route planner. Which even works here for Cyprus. :-) Just have a look and try.

The second find is more something to play :-) It’s about satellite picture of the world… and they shall be updated daily. I tried to check it in the last days on the basis of the weather here and it seems to fit. So, try it :) http://www.flashearth.com/

Have fun :-)

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