Car insurance and driving license in Cyprus

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I would like to set a quick notice about the subject car insurance and driving license in Cyprus.

As the day came closer that my little car will belong finally to me, I had also to think about how to insure it. Of course we have lots of insurance companies here. An so I was asking a few people how, where, who and how expensive.

I’ve heard from many people that I need a Cyprus driving license when I want to have a car insurance in Cyprus. They look here like the old German driving licenses… a piece of paper. I didn’t felt well when I’ve heard that… I don’t want to give away my nice plastic driving license. But that was the supposed to be procedure. To give up my German driving license and get a Cyprus one.

BUT… today I went to an insurance company and nobody said anything about it. They accepted my German one without any comment. Ok, I have to mention that I have already the EU driving license. I think that could be the reason. Well, the plastic card driving license which looks like a credit card (in the size).

So, don’t listen always what other people say (I should break this habit generally) and first wait and see. ;-)


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