Strange cloud in Limassol… Strange day today…

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Somehow today just strange things happen… first is the flight canceled, then was the whole morning the power off, then once behaving stupid (it’s a other story) and now THIS… can’t really describe it.

It’s like a very thick cloud / smog. Its very close to the ground (if its not even till the ground… can’t really see it from here) and its not very high. It’s parallel to the sea shore… and only there. So, it’s not really coming in the interior. How far it goes on the sea I can’t say, can’t see it. And I see only one end. Its approx at the new harbor. The other end is not visible from here… it continues in direction to Larnaka.

I really have no idea what kind of cloud that it. For a fire smoke is it to huge and white. No idea… maybe I’ll find it out later.

Here a video which I made of that cloud. That you can see what I mean:


Did I mentioned already that my ‘j’-key disappeared miraculously. Yes, no joke… just disappeared from my keyboard and gone. Slowly I guess someone wants to hoax me here… when it continues I’ll make holiday… ah no, nobody is flying right now. (The ‘j’ comes from the clipboard right now… it makes me wanna puke!)

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