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Hello together,

I’ve just learned something new.

I just wanted to submit my RSS-Feed to some portals and one said really that they don’t accept English feeds… :-o What, English? What gives them that idea?
Very easy, because WordPress says that my RSS feed is in English.

Ok… and how can I change that? I’ve checked all setting pages… nothing. I just wanted to edit the source code itself, when I found another – very interesting – solution. There is a settings page in WordPress which you can’t reach usually. No link in the menu is pointing to this page… a hidden secret page. :-)

But how do we get there? First of all log in to the administration area. Then edit the URL. Add after ‘wp-admin/’ ‘options.php’. So the URL should look like: http://www.domain.de/wp-admin/options.php

And here is (beside many more) the option ‘rss-language’… here I had to enter ‘de’. And then was my RSS feed in German. :)

But on the other hand are there a lot of other options… which nobody should touch who don’t know exactly what he is going… that’s why this setting page is hidden. ;-)

Best regards

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