Integrate affiliate tracking codes in Prestashop

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I’ve opened now my first online shop and quickly the question came up… how to find customer. Or who could help me with it.
Quickly I found one possible answer… affiliate marketing. It’s anyway my preferred method from all I know and for which my wallet is big enough. Everything else is not economical or just to expensive… most both.

So, I started a campaign at my favorite affiliate network. And then the big question… how to integrate the tracking code in my Presta shop system? :o
That is not so easy, because there are variables to send.

Luckily we have the internet. :) And I found the answer in a forum. Here the quote summary of PaoloPinkel:


1.) Add this to the init.php:

  $_SESSION['belboonSession'] = Tools::getValue('belboon');

2.) And this to the order-confirmation.php:


3.) The code from Belboon has to be added into the order-confirmation.tpl. In this sniped you need to replace NETTOWARENWERT (sorry, don’t know what is written in the english version ‘Net value’?) with {$belboon}, ORDERCODE with {$id_order} and xxxx,yyyy with {$belboonSession}.

That’s it. If you have to transfer VAT then you have to reduce it from getTotalProductsWithTaxes() somehow. Else they pay to much commission.

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PaoloPinkel is using the affiliate network Belboon. I use a different network. But the concept is the same. You just need to customize the variables.

Thank you to PaoloPinkel and Chris.

Best wishes

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