You lost your serial number? What now? Cracking? No, recover it legaly!

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do you know that… you forgot or lost the license key (also known as serial number or activation key). The can become expensive. Because without the serial number is it not possible to use the most, bought, software or they just work in the trial mode.

But what can you do? Ok, you could search in the internet for a serial number crack. But this is illegal and harms the developer and if you get caught then also yourself.
No, there is another way. There are programs which can help you. It can find serial numbers of installed software and shows them and/or can save the serial keys in several file formats. It works even in a whole network.

In plain English: I start the software and it will search on my hard drive (or wherever I want) and returns a list with all installed software inclusive the product key.
This list I can save or print.

I format and reinstall my whole computer every few months. I collect a lot of waste with the time on my computer and it makes it very slow.
There is just one solution: Format and reinstall all needed software products again. After it’s nice fast again.
Unfortunately with it also always starts the search… What is installed? What do I need to have installed? Searching the install files. …. Where was the product key?

Most of the serial numbers for my programs are in Germany, as I realized finally. I forgot them when I moved to Cyprus. :( Great!
What can I do now? I had a look in the internet and found a program. It is called recover keys (available also in English). It can readout the serial number of installed software. And it can save and/or print the keys.

After this step I can format the computer and install everything again, without worries about the loosing the activation keys. I have everything very organized printed :) And a nice side effect is that I know exactly which programs I had installed before – at least the ones which have a serial and are recognized by the software.

But the program can be a bit more even. It can scan as well other partitions (even not bootable or crashed ones) and even whole networks (direct from one computer).
And it is possible to change a serial number, which is entered already, with the program.

Recover keys supports over 3000 software products (06.2010) and is market leader on this subject. And it cost just 25 Dollar (approx. 16 GBP)… and what would it cost to buy a software again because you lost the serial number?

A notice I need to make is that you can not crack, hack, bypass or generate any license key with this software. Also invalid keys or automatic activations are not possible. That would be illegal.
The program is recovering the serial key of software which is already installed on your computer and saves and/or print the result.

You can get the software from here.
There are also free software solutions. But as you can see here, they support a lot loss software products.

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