What happen when Gordon gets bored during a 3 hours power cut?

What can happen when Gordon gets bored during a 3 hours power cut and he have just a bit creative mood? You don’t know? Me too… until I found it out today :-) The result you can see below :-) Ahh… no Photoshop… all real and just with camera and a torch ;)

5 minutes pure relaxing? Here comes a tip…

Hi, I just got something great from a friend. Who would like to relax for 5 min should try this. It works best when it is dark already outside and you are at home. The best would be if you are on your desk at home or somewhere else you can be online at home […]

The new look of my blog

Hi together, who knows my blog was wondering today maybe that it looks different here. Yes, I took the time to redesign and renewing my webpage a bit. It wasn’t effecting much. There is a new header with old known and new pictures, which passing through a slideshow. I was playing a bit with the […]

Happy Programmers Day!

Hi, today a quick headline. But it doesn’t mean that it is not important! Because today is Programmers Day (The day for the programmers). :-) It is a very important holiday (unfortunately not an official one… I would love to have off today)! And who is asking himself now on which day this programmers day […]

[VB.NET] Notify icon with transparency

Hi, today a small code snippet for the subject notify icon with transparency. I couldn’t figure out how to create a normal *.ico with transparency. At least my program wasn’t supporting this feature. So I was creating my own code and needed to trick around a bit :-) The code can be used also for […]

After the explosion now as well a radioactive disaster?

As I just read in the Famagusta Gazette, shall be also ammunition with uranium in the container. Or more specific, 125mm ammunition for APFSDS. Which exploded 2 days ago at the big bang. The US embassy was sending a message to all Americans in Cyprus in which they informed them to avoid the area around […]

Did you ever saw a natural torpedo? Have a look at this!

I’ve been in the last day more on octopus “hunt”. After I found out – a few days ago – how to find them and that they are anyway here. I love these animals. How they look like, how they move and especially if they don’t run away straight away and instead hovering on one […]

Welcome to… Other countries briefly introduced.

A Facebook friend introduced her country yesterday with a video. I thought that was a cool idea. To introduce a country short with a video. I mean you don’t know the whole country because of it, but you have at least a brief glimpse. And so I had a look for such “welcome to…”-videos for […]

Google says: The best way to cross the pacific is with the Jet-Ski :-D

Sometimes is Facebook really useful. Today I had a good laugh… and I don’t want to keep it back ;-) So that you really believe me, do the following steps: Go to http://maps.google.com. Start a routing from Japan to China (just Japan to China). Have a look to point 41 of this routing schedule… Have […]

Catastrophe in Cyprus – Huge explosion on military base

I was today in the morning without internet and called Kai to hear if there is everything working. He said “Joar, internet is working. But did you hear that with the power plant already? We had a total power cut because the main power plant got blown up!”… :-o “What?” So, after the internet was […]