Against racism!

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I’ve just saw that on Facebook. It is true and nice… so, the right thing for my blog ;-)

Your car is German.
Your vodka is Russian.
Your pizza is Italian.
Your kebab is Turkish.
Your democracy is Greek.
Your coffee is Brazilian.
Your movies are American.
Your tea is Tamil.
Your shirt is Indian.
Your oil is Saudi Arabian.
Your electronics are Chinese.
Your numbers Arabic, your letters Latin.

And you complain that your neighbor is an immigrant?
Pull yourself together!
Copy if you’re against racism

My point:
I am German.
I am living in Cyprus (at the moment).
My dive buddy is from the Ukraine, my dive instructor from the UK. My favorite dive spot is in the Turkish area – my home in the Greek area of Cyprus.
My friends here are from Poland, Ukraine, UK, Ireland, Australia, Germany, Philippines, USA, Egypt and many other countries. Everybody has his religion, his point of view. We speak about it, but never fight about it.
And I guess the rest is like above… car from Japan, electronics from Chinese or Hong Kong, Shirt… maybe German ;) etc.

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