My first podcast – Swimming in the morning in the sea and in the afternoon beeing in the snow

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Hello together,

today just a quick story. Today I make a podcast :-) (Bloggen = writing, podcast = video und talking ;) )

That everybody know what I am talking about. I am living in Cyprus. And Cyprus is one of the few regions on this earth where it is possible to go on the same day swimming in the sea and skiing in the mountains. And it is not ice swimming or on fake snow. Warm water (more or less) and real snow ;)

I wanted to do it the whole winter already. But either the weather was shit or no money or or or.

And then was the snow was gone already and I missed the beat.
But last week we got again 70cm new snow and with it maybe the last chance for my plan. Because here in Limassol we have already 20-25 degrees, during the day. And the water have around 17-18 degrees.

And so I’ve done it yesterday. Getting up in the morning, then swimming/snorkeling in the sea and after that we went to the mountains. I wasn’t alone with the idea to go to the mountains. We had one hour stop and go on the way… we was not alone. But between swimming and snow we would have needed – without traffic jam – just 1 1/2 hours. But like that it was a bit more.

So, now here my first (and maybe last) Podcast.

PS: Sorry for the quality and that babble… but as I said, it was my first podcast and actually I don’t really like cameras. But for this reason I thought it would be better to make moving pictures instead of pictures and writing. ;)

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