Welcome to… Other countries briefly introduced.

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A Facebook friend introduced her country yesterday with a video. I thought that was a cool idea. To introduce a country short with a video. I mean you don’t know the whole country because of it, but you have at least a brief glimpse.

And so I had a look for such “welcome to…”-videos for other countries. Have fun with my small tour through the countries of our world…

First of all of course… Welcome to Germany :-)

And now… “Welcome to Estonia”

The next is of course “Welcome to Cyprus” (which has a very special meaning here :-) )

Because my best friends here are from there … “Welcome to Ukraine”

And straight afterwards … “Welcome to Poland”

And then we have here our neighbors… “Welcome to France”

… “Welcome to Italy”

… “Welcome to Switzerland” (Be careful: Rammstein background music ;) )

So, I need to stop for now. The searching on YouTube is really time-consuming. Will continue this article another time, with more beautiful videos of countries.

If you know a very nice video, please send me the link. I’ll add it in my next article.

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