Did you ever saw a natural torpedo? Have a look at this!

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I’ve been in the last day more on octopus “hunt”. After I found out – a few days ago – how to find them and that they are anyway here.

I love these animals. How they look like, how they move and especially if they don’t run away straight away and instead hovering on one place.

The interesting thing on them is that they can move in 2 ways. One way is with the long fin, which goes around their oval body. And then they have a kind of rocket propulsion, for which they use their tentacled.
When they feel save and only use their big fin, then it looks just great. Like star ship Voyager :-) It looks like they hover trough the water and somehow it looks like the fin is glowing… but maybe it is just an optical illusion.

An the one who don’t believe me that with the rocket propulsion shall look have a look in the movie below. I was playing a bit with the movie I could make and reduced the speed down to 10% – so, slow motion. The quality of the cam is not the best, but you can see how quick the small man / woman are.

(PS: As I know now it is not an octopus, it’s a cuttlefish!)

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