[VB.NET] Notify icon with transparency

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today a small code snippet for the subject notify icon with transparency.

I couldn’t figure out how to create a normal *.ico with transparency. At least my program wasn’t supporting this feature. So I was creating my own code and needed to trick around a bit :-) The code can be used also for some other work, I think.

It works very easy. In my case I have an image list with several pictures. I just select one and set it up as notify icon.

The sub looks like that. It need to be run with the program start of course.

That’s it. Now your program has an notify icon with background transparency ;-)

' sets a new icon from the imagelist. because of the transparens
    Sub createNotifyIcon()
            Dim img As Bitmap = Me.ImageList1.Images(1)
            Dim hIcon As IntPtr = img.GetHicon()
            Dim icn As Icon = Drawing.Icon.FromHandle(hIcon)
            Me.NotifyIcon1.Icon = icn
            icn = Nothing
            hIcon = Nothing
            img = Nothing
        Catch exc As Exception
            'ups, error... hope the icon is still there...
        End Try
    End Sub
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