Happy Programmers Day!

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today a quick headline. But it doesn’t mean that it is not important! Because today is Programmers Day (The day for the programmers). :-) It is a very important holiday (unfortunately not an official one… I would love to have off today)!

And who is asking himself now on which day this programmers day is… very simple… on the 256th day of the year ;-) Why 256? Because 1 bit can have 256 values (0 / 1).

This number is the basic number of all programmers. Even if a programmer know nothing else, but he has to know these number… else he is not a programmer :-)

Valentin Bald invented the programmers day in the year 2007. He even tried that it will become an official holiday in Russia. And? … Since 2009 is the programmers day an official holiday in Russia :-) (But not a day off :( )


So my beloved programmers all around the world: Happy Programmers Day!! And less bugs in the next year! ;-)

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