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Hi together,

who knows my blog was wondering today maybe that it looks different here. Yes, I took the time to redesign and renewing my webpage a bit.

It wasn’t effecting much. There is a new header with old known and new pictures, which passing through a slideshow. I was playing a bit with the main page. Here will be shown now the 10 most recent articles with images.
It makes more work for me, because I need to create for each article an extra image… but it looks much better… hopefully :)

Also everything is a bit bigger now, that the visitor can see better where he is and where he can go and the text is better readable. It is modern… or something like that :-)

Actually that’s it already. The rest is more or less the same and at it’s place.

Tomorrow I’ll publish again a longer article, because I have something to tell about. But not yet. Now I need to go to bed…


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