That was Christmas 2012

Hi, today is just the 26th – so the 2nd Christmas day – but here will nothing happen anymore. The Christmas is over for me now. Actually it was “just” our Christmas picnic yesterday on the beach. But that was even better. Many people will envy us for it… Christmas picnic on the beach. But […]

Merry Christmas

Dear my lovelies. Doesn’t matter if you are one of my family member, my friend, known one, colleague, customer or just someone who is reading my blog… if you are close or far away… I wish you and your beloved ones a Merry Christmas. I hope you was always good this year, so that Santa […]

Gordon’s new mobile – Huawei U8800

I’ve got finally a new mobile. After mine – meanwhile 5 years old – broke down in Germany, was it really time. And here I want to write the first small report about my new nice Smartphone :)

Visiting Germany in October 2012

I’ve been in Germany again. It was an unscheduled visit because father had a big birthday. And then it was straight for 2 1/2 weeks. I was going for an half Germany trip, with a customer visit in Düsseldorf and an international meeting in Frankfurt. Read more about it…

[PHP] Normalization of strings – Upper and lower case

Hi, today again a small task to do in PHP. The following situation: We have a text-string in which is (obviously) a text. Lets say the content is: HERE you’ll get today CHEAP cucumber DIRECT from the farmer. We would like to change this string now like we want to change all words which consist […]

Shades of Grey

Ana Steele is a 21 year old student of literature and not too experienced in love. But then she meet the rich and attractive entrepreneur Christian Grey. She falls head over heels in love for him. Christian is also not averse to the young woman… but he has a different idea of the relationship as Ana …