Youtube hires monkeys for the error handling

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Hello together.

Yesterday I was up to watch a nice music video on Youtube. But somehow an 500 error occured at Youtube. Ok, can happen :) Youtube is of course no 08/15 webpage and has an elaborate system. This system recognize errors immediately and is showing a message, the he doesn’t die stupid.

But this error message amazed me a bit (see the picture above). Cause Youtube is confessing that they hire (highly trained) monkeys to solve their problems. … Which causes the question… if the monkey should solve the problem… did they programmed the software? Else they couldn’t deal with the problem.

Anyway, I couldn’t find any monkeys to show them this information. :(

But I am wondering that Youtube (which belongs to Google) hires monkeys. I am curious if they get the minimum wage and all other advantages, which their human colleges get.

I think that children work in the third world is cruel. But to hire monkeys in an industrial nation… how low is the level already? Are there not enough unemployed people which would be happy about a job (even something like that)? By the way… that means that also Google supports the unemployment rate and is harm the economy!

I am against animal work!!!

(Attention: This article is ironically like the error message ;) … except the facts with the animal and children work!!)

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