My first 3 songs on the violin

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Hi together.

Today I don’t want to do good to you :-)

I was writing a while ago that I started  to play violin. I don’t want to become a new  David Garret (much less Vanessa May :) )… but it is a good hobby for the winter time (when it is to cold for diving).

I had now the first lessons and was also training at home a bit – I know, I should say “I learned hard at home”. :) But slowly the weather becomes better again and I don’t have much time to play at home so much.

However. I can play the first 3 songs on my violin. And I can even realize which ones they are… or is it because I know which songs I play? :)

The next step is that I have to work on the tact. Then on the string changes and a nice tone. The way is still long, but the basis is made. :) And maybe I can play at Christmas already 1-2 Christmas songs with a nice sound :-D

But judge by yourself.

A word of warning… don’t make it tooo loud. It could cause ear- and head pain. :)) I am not reliable for that! :)

Do you recognized the songs? Then leave me a comment please :)

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