Today 100 years ago in the Atlantic – The Titanic sunk

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MSN just pointed me on it… so today a bit history. Because exactly on the day 100 years ago sunk the luxury liner Titanic in the Atlantic ocean. The biggest vessel that time which was considered to be unsinkable. Then the iceberg came… and proofed the opposite. The Titanic was launched on the 02. April 1912 and collides on the 12. April 1912 with the mountain of frozen water and sunk 2 hours and 40 minutes later.

Pride come before a fall. Even it wouldn’t have saved the people if they wouldn’t have claimed the Titanic as unsinkable. But maybe the stuff would have been more careful out there. Maybe the guys in the crow’s nest thought “Our baby is unsinkable, what can happen to us?”. Who knows, just speculation.
For sure is that the vessel had not enough lifeboats with it, to rescue all passengers and the crew members. That is definately connected to the “unsinkable” “fact”.

1502 people died in the night from the 12. to the 13. of April 1912 in the north Atlantic, in freezing temperatures in and out of the water. Only 1/3 of all souls of the Titanic have been saved from the (not even full up lifeboats) and then from the RMS Carpathia.

The researcher Jean-Louis Michel and Rober Ballard discovered the ocean liner again on the 1st of September 1985 in a depth of 3803 meter below the surface.
Many dives have been made since the found. To bring back some small pieces (chandelier, plates, pieces, etc.) and on the other side to answer open questions. Around 5500 objects could be recovered from the Titanic. Some can be seen now in museums and others in touring exhibitions. Also some questions could be resolved (more on Wikipedia… else it will be to much here :) )

There are even offers for dives for private people now. “Private people” in quotes, because the price is 50.000 Euro. Who can finance this privately… I also want!! :)

What is next with the good old Titanic? Well, it will not last long anymore. The lady down there will be slowly but steady decomposed. The scientist gave the wreck 1980 50 more years… not it’s just 5 – 10 years, before the steal is so much decomposed that the vessel will collapse until it’s own weight.
There was even found a new bacteria, which decompose the steal. It’s named by the place where it was found: Halomonas titanicae

So, it looks like I’ll never have the chance to see it with my own eyes. Until I have 50.000 Euro left… it will take at least another 100 years. Pity, I imagine it absolutely … indescribable. To dive down to 3803 meter and to visit this famous ocean liner, which saw the last daylight 100 years ago. The would be definitely one of this indescribable and once in your life moments.
I mean I know how it feels to dive to a huge vessel. The Zenobia in Larnaca is also big (Zenobia 172m, Titanic 269m). But the Titanic is much more famous and is lying in pitch darkness. You can’t just jump in the water and scuba dive there…

Today, 100 years ago…

BTW: Do you know that there is a woman which was on all 3 sister vessels, when they had their accidents and she survived all 3… Violet Jessop… maybe one of the most lucky woman that time.

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