World No Tobacco Day 2012 – Tobacco industry interference

World No Tobacco Day 2012… not smoking for one day.
That smoking is not good for us… is understanded. There is not one advantage of smoking. It cost money, it cost our health and we even harm other people with it. The World Health Organisation want to point on these facts.

[PHP] Comments in PHP scripts

Hello together. Lets talk today about comments :) When you start coding a script then is it useful to comment your code. So a small documentation in the script. Because as long as you are working on the script and it is in a relative small size, then you know still which line of source […]

Diving at Cape Greco Cyprus – The canyon and the caves

Another dive report. The dive spot was Cape Greco (close to Ayia Napa / Cyprus). First we went to the spot “The canyon” and after to “The caves”. Cape Greco is one of the most beautiful dive spots in Cyprus. And of course I had my GoPro (underwater camera) with me and made a nice movie of both spots. Have a look.

[PHP] Delete a file with PHP

Hi together, today I wand to answer the question how to delete a file with PHP. First of all we have to separate. Files on the web server or files on the local hard disk. First yes, second no. PHP doesn’t have access to files of the local file system of a visitor. No server […]

An octopus which pretend to be a stone

Who is reading my blog regularly, maybe realised already that I like to enjoy the nature and even more like to observe animals. Now I met an octopus during my snorkeling trip a few days ago. It tries to pretend to be a stone… till he realized that it doesn’t work :) And I have it on video ;)

My 31st birthday

Hi together, my 31st birthday is already a few days ago, but anyway I want to write some words about it. My birthday was on a monday. But here on Cyprus was it Easter Monday. Which means that everybody was off, except of some Pubs. Easter Sunday was everything closed. Ira made me a special […]