An octopus which pretend to be a stone

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I went yesterday snorkeling again. Of course with my new camera :) I bought a short while ago a new underwater camera (the GoPro Hero 2). Actually it is a action camera (for action sport). But also for diver very interesting. After the lens modification (with the Blurfix lens) is it also able to catch sharp underwater HD videos.
I just need to get in used to the recording itself. There is no viewfinder and no display. Everything by instinct and experience. … And when I see then something interesting, then I am so excited and fixed on the “great thing”, that I forget to handle the camera proper. :) :D

But yesterday I caught the first good recording. I was snorkeling so my round… till I saw an odd stone. Looked somehow strange. And then I saw that there was something attached, which doesn’t belong there.

An Octopus was holding itself on the stone and tried to pretend to be a part of this stone. It looked like he would think that it would work…. till I was one meter in front of him (pity the video just starts short before). Then is seemed like it become to hot for him… that his cover got blown… :) :)
So he break away from the stone slowly and swum under a close ton.

This Octopus was the second largest I ever saw, till now. Was already very impressive.

I hope that I can fly soon somewhere else… where I can explore and record more life under water. Here I can find maybe 1-2 times per week something interesting (and interesting is here already anything beside the usual small fish) :( Maybe Egypt or so. It’s not soo far… If the money is left for it.

But now first the video to the story… :)

Ahh, once more before: Our Nature is wonderful! Help to save and protect it!

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