Diving at Cape Greco Cyprus – The canyon and the caves

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Hello together,

last Saturday we was finally diving again. :) A luxury which I actually can’t really afford, at the moment. But what can I do… just sitting stupid at home can’t be everything. And this year we’ve sworn us to go really diving.

And so we was going the dive shop of our confidence (Aloha divers Limassol) for a small adventure. This time we was going with the truck in the middle of nowhere. It was good it was a pickup truck… the last end to the dive spot was really off-road. :)

The plan was that we go to Cape Greco (after Ayia Napa) and to the dive spots The canyon and the caves. I’ve heard a lot already from the caves. Everybody was enthused about this spot… To be honest, I was a bit disappointed. Probably because everybody was telling me how nice it is there, so my expectations was bigger then the reality is.

But it was anyway great… and very adventurous (especially the entrances :) ). But have a look by your own. Of course there is a video. ;)

By the way video… I need to do anyway some more dives. The GoPro doesn’t have viewfinder or display. I need to record blind… and I need more practice in it. Especially in the first cave I was holding the camera to high :( But skills comes with practice. ;)

Also the video cut leaves a lot to be desired… I hope it will be not boring anyway.

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