Contact Form 7 sendet keine Emails

[WordPress] Contact Form 7 doesn’t send emails

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today another problem with a WordPress plugin. With Contact Form 7.

I am using this plugin already a while in my blog and today it wanted to be updated.
I’ve done it and checked straight if it is still working. And no, it wasn’t working anymore :( There was just the message “Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact administrator by other way.” and that’s it :(

Although all settings was correct it wasn’t sending any emails. After a bit trying around I could found the solution by accident. It is a bit abstract, but it is working.

In the settings for Contact Form 7 is a point “From: [your-name]”. That shouldn’t be there. There have to be the email address of the blog/domain. Means the email address which is registered on the server.

It seems like else there is a conflict (spam alarm) in the system. Because it’s usually not allowed to send emails with an email address of an other domain. That is what spammer do. For example: Your blog domain is “” and the email address of the sender, in the Contact Form 7, is “[email protected]”. The form is trying to send now an email with the sender “[email protected]” from the domain “”. … Obviously a try to send spam … for the server.

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