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Dear diary… ohh, wrong greeting :)
Dear readers – that is correct :)

A bit time passed again, since I was writing for the general public. I mean in general, not something which was related to computer, programming or diving. But to be honest, nothing happen. At least not much.

There was no job in the last 2-3 months. Which is bad for my financial situation and I really thought about to fold up my tents. My bank accounts was totally empty and I was in arrears with my rent.
And when the fridge became empty as well… it become really tight.
Every day I said to myself  “Tomorrow it will become better, else I need to go.” … because the hope dies last. And in the moment the last tenner left my wallet… it happens. Or?

No, in the last minute came the redemption. A customer, a customer. :) Just a small job, but better then nothing. And then it started like always…
No job for months and then they come all in one time. (That shall not be a complain!) But it would be nice if it would be a bit more spread, that would be great. Seems like customer are connected to each other (even they don’t know each other)… When one has the thought “Oh, I have something to do for Gordon”… then all get the same message. :)

Anyway, I had jobs again. And with it a bit money. At least that much that I could pay my rent and the bills (hopefully). And a bit food in my fridge. I also had a bit money for diving… even I should have saved the money for bills, as I know now. But on the other side… a bit fun is needed in live. Else what would it be for a live?

And then I am working also on a private project at the moment. But I don’t want to talk much about it yet, because I have no idea yet how it will go on. Just … it could be a world record maybe.
At the moment I try to figure out how hard it could be and especially if I am in the condition to do it and how high the risk could be.
Actually I don’t really know the rules yet and the people of the Guiness World Records need 4-6 weeks to answer my request.
Till now I just get support from my dive school. The owner is helping me a lot, for which I give him high credits.
Many people which know the plan say that I am crazy and/or mental.
Also I tried to win some organizations for the project, to support them. But till now without success or answer. Not to talk about sponsors (it will cost a ‘few’ euros :( ).

Next week I am planing to make the first test and if it will be successful and the people from Guinness accept my request, then I’ll definitely follow it and try it. Of course I’ll write more about it then. ;)
Just I don’t want to talk now to much about it, else someone will be quicker then me :) and of course first of all I’d like to find out if I can manage it, before I talk big :)
The video of the 2nd dive:

As I said, we was diving again.

We was 2 weeks ago in the north diving. We went there on Friday evening and Saturday, after the dive, back. It was a bit chaotic, which is like we know it in Cyprus.

First of all was a friend somewhere else sleeping as planed. That worried us a lot. Because our mobiles doesn’t work in the north and we couldn’t reach her.
Then was the plan to go with a boat for the dive. But this broke down. We went then finally with a jeep to the dive safari. Also interesting… but exhausting. The first dive spot was at the end of Cyprus, at Karpaz. Nobody before us was there without boat. We had to climb over rocks to get to the entrance. 12 o’clock in the noon, with over 30 degrees in the shadow and fully equipped. That wasn’t really easy and nice. And then we had to swim around 1km. To the 2nd island in front of the coast. But therefore we found some nice archaeological “things”. I think… can’t say it for sure… I am not a archaeologist.

But we guess that there, direct in front of the coast, is a sunken village (very old one). And at the 2nd island we found a lot of amphoras. Most of them stuck together as a big piece. It could be a indication that there sunk some ships… long time ago.
But except of this wasn’t much to see there. Not much live. But good visibility. The water there is really really clear.

The 2nd dive spot was for me more interesting. It was along the coast. On the way are 3 caves. We just submerged when the first stingray showed up and circled around us. It was the first time that I ever saw this (for me proper) kind of stingray. I saw already one in Limassol, but that one was different and lazy :)
This one here was very active and seemed to be curious as well. It looks very amazing how this animals move. It is like they are flying through the water.
Soon he turned around and left us. Far away we saw a second one, who was waiting for the 1st one (seemed like). … Of course we had to follow him to make more pictures and videos :)

After the photo and video session we turned around to follow the track. But after a few meter we saw already the next one flying over the ground.
We followed the steep face at the cost line to the first cave.
Caves are interesting for me, but under water is it a bit strange… bit of claustrophobia maybe. Especially when you are the last who is entering the cave and the people before you made sure that the visibility equals zero (which is not hard to do in a cave, I have to mention). One wrong fin kick and it’s over with the visibility.
I tried to have a look … but turned around soon, lost even my buddy, and left the cave again.

Then we continued to dive to the next cave. Here the same game. But this cave had a specialty. All 3 caves have just one entrance and rise up (the entrance is deep and inside they go up). So basically you swim uphill. And in this one was, in a corner at the top, a whole which was going down again. Our guide said that there is a fresh water spring in it.
But due to the bad visibility again and I lost my inner peace in this caves anyway… I left it again, without having a closer look. I lost my buddy again… but she was waiting outside already for me. We are a perfect team :)

When we continued the dive, we passed again a stingray. The others just overlooked it. We stopped and “observed” the stingray a while. But the ray didn’t bothered at all about us. He continued to dig his whole in the sand.
When we was as close as 2-3 meter, he stopped for a moment, watched us and continued straight away. Interesting was also that there was 4 flatfish and 2 blowfish around him. I guess they was waiting what the stingray would dig out of the sand… something to eat for them maybe :)
Unfortunately was the battery of my camera almost empty. I could record just a few seconds of this wonderful moment :( And it was really amazing. I would have loved to watch them for hours.

Stingrays are really interesting animals. And because we don’t have the big choice of animals here in Cyprus… I really thing to go to the same place again. With more time and a full camera… and much fun :)
The videos which I could make:

That was the latest dives I’ve ever done. We finished the 2nd dive around 6pm. After we went back home and arrived some when around 11 in the night in Limassol again.

And last weekend we’ve been diving with the Aloha boat. There is a dive spot which is called “The pyramids”. That sounds very interesting. :) Especially when a friend is telling you it is close to the Amathus ruins in the water, which can be seen while snorkeling.

So, I was very curious about the pyramids. I have straight Cairo or the Maya-pyramids in my head.

So we started with the boat in the early morning. Ok, we passed Amathus… maybe my friend was mistaken.

Then we went to the water. The visibility wasn’t that good. But still better then in the most ponds :) And then we saw already the first “pyramid”. And I realized… I expected to much from the name of the spot. Of course there are no ‘real’ pyramids. The ‘pyramids’ are cubes of concrete which are piled up in a pyramid. … Great. Well, at least it looked interesting and there was some fishes.

The second dive spot (I forgot the name) was a bit more interesting. The visibility was good and there was also a bit more live. Some fishes was really curious… so much that I got some good ‘face shots’ (as you can see in the video) :)

There was even some small wrecks and even a Playstation… with controller :)
And someone had the idea to dump a load of old tires. Well, the fishes was happy about it… but they will never rotten.
And here the video of the both dives:

I wasn’t that happy about the dives all in all. It was not bad… but also not spectacular. I would love to experience something great… under water :)
Above the surface as well, of course :)

And else… ahh, on Wednesday I had a photo shooting. A friend made a new tattoo on her back. And because the main photographer was busy and she needed urgent pictures… she remembered that there is also a Gordon, which also makes some good pictures. And so I got a call.
Well, when I get already an request… then I can’t say no. (That I was the second choice I’ve heard later… her luck :) )

So we was meeting on Tuesday at 2pm. We went to a (more or less) quite place. And then we started the shooting :) I haven’t so much experience with shooting people. But it was a good working with her and we made some good pictures.

After we published the pictures some other girls came and said that they are interested :) Maybe I should change to photographing :) If I get better skills in photographing people.

So, and that’s it already with news. It is like always… mostly nothing happen. A doom loop. No work = no money = no action :(
I hope it will change now soon.

Then cu next time.
Ciao ciao

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