Good morning little cuttlefish

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today again a bit animal stuff :) I saw just that I wrote already about cuttlefish (at that time about natural torpedo).

Cuttlefish is a subfamily of the octopus and I see them from time to time when I go snorkeling.

They are really cut little animals :) They live close to the bottom and bury themselves half in the sand when they sleep. They are also masters of camouflage (take a look in the movie how they change the colors). Thereby they are hard to find. I can find them best when they sleep. (More information about the cuttlefish on Wikipedia).

Last time I could make a cute video, cause I have a small tripod for my underwater camera. I could put the camera direct in front of a sleeping cuttlefish (without it recognized it) and record its waking up. Awesome cute! :)

After it I was teasing it a bit and was following it – as long my air let me stay under water. I believe it wasn’t very happy about it… direct after getting up to be teased from a monster :) But therefore it cut quite a figure and I came partly very close to it.

But have a look by yourself. It’s seldom to get so close to an cuttlefish. They are quick and shy. Have fun!

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