My second night dive – with great video!

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we’ve been last week a bit diving again. This time in the night. :) I have been first one time – during my OWD course – in the night diving.
I can remember this dive… it was not really bad… but strange.
You can see only what your torch makes bright… the rest is black. You could imagine it as if you are in the middle of the night on an field. Just with a small torch in your hand. And now imagine that you can move also up and down – like a bird. That is a bit strange. And my orientation is zero at night. I’ve known in no second where I actually am.

Now we’ve been last week again in the “black sea”. :) I had still no orientation. But I had always an eye on my buddy. Just lost her 2 times :D But always found her again by recognizing her by her fins :)

The rest was great. It is interesting what you can see in the night, which is hiding during the day. Like for example an eel-like fish, which you can see often in the video (below). But also sea cucumber, the usual fish, cuttlefish and octopus.

The dive was at the beach direct behind the dive school. So no special spot. But in the night is that anyway not important :) Everything looks different anyway :)

Just watch the movie… it’s really nice :)

There will be another night dive this week. One of them at the Zenobia… I am really looking forward to it. It will be great, I am sure! The video will follow shortly, of course. ;)
But now the video from last week. Have fun

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