Twitter closed my account :o

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maybe you’ve mentioned it already, if you are a faithful reader of my blog ;) My Twitter account is not working for a while already :(
Twitter suspended my account, because I supposed to violate the rules of Twitter. … Yes, I confess that I used a Twitter Train to get some more follower. (Shame on me). The result was a few useless follower from somewhere. Nothing from which I could get any advantage.

But anyway. I deleted these apps from the list and apologized very polite (^^) at the Twitter support and asked for the reactivation of my account @ChaosGordon.
The answer from the Twitter support was:


Your account was permanently suspended for multiple or repeat violations of the Twitter Rules (, specifically:

* Using or promoting third-party sites that claim to get you more followers (such as follower trains, sites promising “more followers fast,” or any other site that offers to automatically add followers to your account);

We have reviewed the suspension; this account will not be restored.


Twitter User Services


Well, I’ll call it very polite. As I said, yes I was using such things and deleted them from the app list. But it seems like Twitter don’t spent a single thought about the reactivation of my account.
My account is still there… with all my personal data. But I can do nothing anymore… everything is blocked. What is the sense of this account then? Then they could delete the account straight away… anyway.

I am forced now to create a new account. Which I’ve done today finally. If you was following my old account, then please follow now the new one under: @BlogGordon
If you wasn’t following my old account, then feel free to follow me now anyway ;)

The links above to my twitter account are already updated and link to the new account. Sorry for the circumstances and thank you for your following! :)

All the best

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