Shades of Grey

Ana Steele is a 21 year old student of literature and not too experienced in love. But then she meet the rich and attractive entrepreneur Christian Grey. She falls head over heels in love for him. Christian is also not averse to the young woman… but he has a different idea of the relationship as Ana …

WordPress in different languages. My blog becomes international.

You want to offer your blog / website in multiple languages. But not with automatic translation, but by enter the translation by your own? Then this plugin is just right for it. Check it out.

Pelorus Jack – The real hero which almost nobody knows

He was a hero in New Zealand at that time. In Europe he was probably never known. I think that it’s a shame, because his story is one of the most amazing ever! And not only for sailors. Just take a few minutes to learn about Pelorus Jack’s story of his exploits!

Great weekend … one woman, 2 clubs, 4 friends

What a weekend. Friday an unusual and very long “date”. And Saturday the party straight continues. And Sunday finally swimming in the sea again.