Great weekend … one woman, 2 clubs, 4 friends

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Gosh, I am really lazy about writing at the moment :( Ok, there is not much new to write about… and at the moment extremely.
I type already since days on my trip to Germany… and as longer it takes as more I forget. :( Especially I’ve started to write backwards. :) The most fresh memories first and the first days of the trip will be probably done in a few sentences, cause I can’t remember more.

But also I would like to write some sentences about this weekend, because it was “long”… after all :) I’ll do it now :)

But first of all… I am back from my holiday. It was really nice 2 1/2 … and much too short … weeks in good old Germany. As I said, I am still working on the report… which will hopefully follow in the next days.

To the weekend… At the beginning of it was nothing clear. Actually a friend from Paphos wanted to come with a Couchsurfer (which is currently visiting her). He should then also stay overnight here (she decided it). Even my “no” didn’t counted much… because my flat is very small and there is nowhere space for a inflatable bed.
So I tried to convince her a bit harder that it will be not possible that he can sleep here. And suddenly she didn’t had time anymore…^^

So, I was off on Friday again. No plans. Saturday the usual going out with my friends and Sunday relaxing. This was the preplanning, on which mostly nothing change. But this time it should come different.

On Friday afternoon I’ve met “by chance” a nice and very beautiful young lady in an internet chat. Surprisingly she replied on my message and we started to write a bit and got on well. Even more surprising was that she said “yes” on my question if we can meet. And we even arranged a meeting on the same evening. That was very quick… but great. She is even spontaneous… starts good :)

The only disadvantage was that she lives in another city. It’s a good hour with car… in the middle of the night. Because she was free at 1am. She still needed to work. But somehow I didn’t mind about it :) Now I have a “date” and then with such beautiful and interesting woman…
And so I was driving in the middle of the night to Paphos. Of course I was 20 minutes late. Well done!
But luckily she was also late. And quick I could figure out why. The car was full. … Actually I was expecting a meeting under 4 eyes… now there was 12 eyes… :o
I got immediately the explanation. One of the girls had birthday and this should be celebrated… of course. And it should happen in a club… to which we drove all together.

At the club we got all out of the car and I saw her first time in real size and could say properly hello. She was a little bit taller then me, high heels. :) Beautiful, like on the pictures and with a hot tight, studded leather dress. Really… don’t know how to express that different… she looked damn sexy :) (No, I didn’t made pictures and I’ll show her only if there will be something serious between us ;) )
Then I got introduced to everybody else. It’s somehow a stupid feeling… you meet and unknown woman first time and get straight introduced to the whole friend circle. But what to do… making the best out of it.

And so we went into the club (a Greek one by the way). The cloudy looking bouncer told the other guy in our company to take of the hat. Etiquette of the club. But then they let us in. And… it was loud, it was tiny and it was packed. That the music was Greek I first realized when they switched from house to hip hop / black music. Between there where times when they was playing real Greek folk music in club volume…. that was really over the limit for the ears. But I’ve enjoyed the house and trance times :)

The stupid thing was just that it is hard to communicate at this sound volume. So gave our best to get known on the non verbal level. But also there was not much communication. :( I realized that she have a beautiful smile and that she is very prudent and caring. And that she was ignoring me a bit (or bit more). We had only eye contact if she wanted to tell me something :(

I can’t remember when we left this club. But we was one of the last ones. It must have been around 4 or 5 in the morning. I was half deaf when we left this boite and needed a few minutes until I could hear normal again and we didn’t needed to scream to each other.
What are we going to do now?… I was asking her if I can bring her home. But she wasn’t sure about it… Afraid? :) But then hunger appears and some of us decided to go to eat something… somewhere… at 4 o’clock in the morning.
She really came with me in my car (which surprised me again) and 2 other people drove with another car. The rest said good bye.

So we went in the city center. In the car we had finally a bit time to talk a few sentences… before we arrived at the “african” fast food kiosk. We took a sandwich… which we was also eating straight there, while we was talking. Ok, the other 3 was mostly talking.

After the strengthening in the middle of the night I really had to take her back home. She had to get up at 10 in the morning to go to work… it was already 5am.
In the car we had again some minutes to talk a bit.
And then it was time to say Good Bye… or more “Good Night” :( A very nice evening… or night, was almost over (I still had to get back home).
I promised her to wake her up at 10 and she got out of the car… and I left me back confused. :-/ The evening was running totally different then I imagined it. We had almost no time to talk with each other… to get known to each other. As I said, she was always nice and polite (when we had the change to exchange some words). But generally she was on distance. I also couldn’t impress her with dancing… 2 left feet.
But this woman has something… this special something. But how it will continue? Was it fucked up straight on the first meeting or will there be a real meeting to get known again? I hope so!

On the was back to Limassol the dawn started already and when I arrived at home it was already 6am and almost fully bright.
I didn’t cared about it, I promised Aneta to wake her up at 10… and I only could do that when I don’t close my eyes.
But I had still around 100 pages of Shades of Grey left. The book which I was currently reading this time. So it was a good opportunity to read the last pages and finish the book… which I done. Almost in time I finished the book and called Anetas number. It was ringing at least 7-8 times before I could hear this typical clicking in the line, which occur then the other one pick up the phone. Then a few seconds silence… somehow she don’t say something when she pick up the phone. So I was wishing her in Polish a good morning (she is Pole and yes, I speak a few words Polish… but not much… yet :) ). She was wishing me the same… with a sinckly sweet voice. WOU If I could hear exactly this voice every morning…
And no morning grouch… another positive characteristic ;)

Our conversation was quite short. The connection was bad and it’s hard for me to understand people on the phone. And it’s mad to ask all the time “Sorry?”. That’s why I prefer real meetings.

A few minutes later I closed finally my eyes and I fall asleep very quick. Usually I need a longer while :)
My alarm clock was set up to 4pm. Not really long time to sleep, but better then waste the whole Saturday.

And then something totally new happened. I woke up from a dream because I was laughing so much, that I had to wake up. So like a nightmare other way around. I wasn’t waking up because some monster was chasing me or something else bad happened… I woke up because I had so much fun in the dream that I woke up from laughing too much (in the dream). … I have no idea if I was laughing only in the dream or even in real… but I didn’t gave a shit :) It was totally amazing and never happened before. Actually it happens really rarely that I anyway remember anything from what I was dreaming in the night. Mostly only when I wake up in the middle of a dream… and then is it totally bullshit what I was dreaming.
Ok, this dream was also not rational or with any sense… but totally funny :)
What happened? Maybe the date? Who knows…

After a view on the clock it was just 1pm. So I was just 2 hours sleeping… and I felt great :)

I decided to get up straight. Then looking a bit around in the internet… got lost in Facebook… watching her pictures and wrote a bit more on my holiday report. Some when around 4pm I became tired again and decided – considering that our pub evening will be also longer – to go back to bed and sleep a bit more. So 2-3 hours… maybe till 8. So, set up alarm clock again and back to bed.

Some when I woke up and it was already dark outside. I still have a bit jet-lag and thought that it will be a bit earlier dark here. My alarm clock wasn’t ringing yet… didn’t heard anything.
When I saw my alarm clock (actually it’s my mobile) lying on the floor… I’ve known that I overheard my alarm again and it was ringing lonely and unheard in the night. So I wonder how long I was sleeping… it was few minutes after 10pm. :o Wou!

Not even 10 minutes later was Chester already calling and asked if I want to join to the pub. Of course I want… what a question :) So I dressed up quickly and started.
This time we went to Molly Malones. Actually an Irish Restaurant (and a damn good one)… but the both was hungry… so why not. They have also beer :)

I was sharing with Ira a giant hot dog. It was really a giant thing… from which we both didn’t eat all of our half. Chester had one alone … and eaten up everything :o Ok, I wasn’t soo hungry :D
After this strengthening we continued with liquid food. I mean not that we fuddle or so… we are on Saturday just a bit thirsty. :) Around 2am they told us – more or less straight – that they would like to close the restaurant and that we would be the last guests. Ahh, really? Didn’t noticed that. :)

So the other 4 was calling a taxi. I was there with my own car (and couldn’t really drink because of that… one shandy). While we was waiting for the taxi the other both decided to have a look into another club. And because I was passing it anyway on the way home, they came with me while Chester and Ira was going with the taxi home.

I wasn’t really tired yet – good that I was sleeping well before – and decided to join the guys for 1 (!) drink. Then Alex phone was ringing. A friend of him was also in a club, but in another one… which non of us know. We needed 45 minutes to find this location. Again a club with Greek music. What can we do… if I need to :) So we entered the club. Same like yesterday in Paphos… terrible music which was much to loud, the location much to small and for that too crowded. The good thing was… 10 euro entrance (first they wanted 20… but because we came later they let us in for 10) we had open bar… so all drinks free… on a day when I have to drive ^^ Great!

Somewhen around 4 we left the building finally. Again I couldn’t use my ears for some minutes. The guys decided to continue in another disco. But without me… I just wanted to go back in my bed again. Actually I didn’t wanted to make this evening so long :)

And today was the first target: Sleep as long as needed… and then relax. To sleep late and then starting the day verryyyyy relaxed.
In the evening we 4 guys met again on the beach… enjoying the good weather… as long as it is still good. And the water was still great… not as cold as I thought. But there was not much to see today… a few small fish. But no octopus or other exciting things.

Who swims much get also hungry some when :) And so we went after swimming to Nags Head. Our favorite pub. Which is also serving food. And then was finish… the evening I’ll enjoy now with a nice movie and then is the nice weekend over already. :(

Lets see how it will go on. I mean with the nice lady. At the moment I don’t have a good feeling. She is almost not to reach (I mean SMS… calling is not really my thing). I hope there will be a 2nd meeting… which will contribute that we get known to each other. Lets see.

But now… finish for today.
Cu soon

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