Shades of Grey

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I bought again a few books, at the end of my vacation, to take them with me on the island. One of them I bought more or less quickly at the airport. Actually, I had a totally different in my hand until I read the title “Shades of Grey” just before the cashier. In a spontaneous decision, I put the other book down and picked up the book with this title. Written by E.L. James.

There is probably almost nobody whom the title of this book says nothing. Apparently the whole world speaks about it. Shades of Grey
So I gave in to my curiosity and bought the 600 pages tome. Maybe I can use it some when to step into a conversation. Also, I had heard it is right … well, let me call it “explicitly” ;)

And now before I say anything else I have to confess that I was reading the 600 pages in just around 5 days : o So … yes, it reads very easily and simple. I could also say it goes down like oil. But which means in the same time that you shouldn’t hope for profound substance.

But what is it about?
The young and … let’s say inexperienced … Ana Steele jumps in for a sick friend, which needs to interview  Christian Grey for the school newspaper. Christian Grey is for his young age filthy rich, successful and on top of that beautiful.
Ana falls in love – more or less – head over heels for Mr. Grey. Also he isn’t averse to get known better with Ana. But in a different way as the young woman expects. His interests are in a slightly darker area of the love.
For all those who are not familiar with the book, I do not want to give too much away. But is there really still someone who doesn’t know the book?

As I said, the story is very easy to read, although perhaps not for everybody to digest quite easily. Although I can’t say it was so blatant, like many say. : D It should be remembered that it is a novel.
Depth does not exist and sometimes, entire sections are repeated in the book. But the author had a good imagination.

I can recommend this book as an lecture for the bed, if you like some light reading before sleep. It could only happen that you get to less sleep, because you miss the point the take the book away and close your eyes ;)


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