Today is the end of the world. A few last words.

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Hello together,

as we all know is today, on the 21th of December 2012, the end of the world. At least if we trust the calendar of the Maya. I want to use his unique – and probably last – possibility to say quick some last words. (Even maybe anyway nobody will ready them anymore.)  :)

So… what to say as last words?

Of course I want to tell all my beloved how much I love them. Especially my family, my friends in Germany and here in Cyprus.

It was nice to met you all!

… a fuck, I have no idea what to say… all the bad things I better don’t say… just in case the Maya was wrong :-D

Here, in front of my door, just started a really big thunderstorm. I guess the doomsday just starts… in Cyprus :) I think I’ll better go to bed, watch a movie, drink a hot wine… and will see if I’ll wake up tomorrow again :)

So… maybe till the next article. And if the Maya was right… then cu in the next life.

Best regards


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