Merry Christmas

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Dear my lovelies.

Doesn’t matter if you are one of my family member, my friend, known one, colleague, customer or just someone who is reading my blog… if you are close or far away… I wish you and your beloved ones a Merry Christmas.

I hope you was always good this year, so that Santa Clause will bring you lots of nice presents ;) (I will get nothing, I wasn’t good :D ) But I think more then the consumption is still (or again) the spirit of Christmas in the foreground: The meeting of the people which are important for us.
Even it is just in our spirit.

Like in my case, because I don’t fly home this Christmas. I will be the Christmas time here in Cyprus with my friends here. The flights are unbelievable expensive at the moment and I want to save some money to travel to other countries… not just always Germany and Cyprus.
But I think on all on you at home!

Lovely regards

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