That was Christmas 2012

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today is just the 26th – so the 2nd Christmas day – but here will nothing happen anymore. The Christmas is over for me now. Actually it was “just” our Christmas picnic yesterday on the beach. But that was even better.

Many people will envy us for it… Christmas picnic on the beach. But all which do that should imagine how it would be to celebrate Christmas at 20 degrees (and more) and without family. Sounds maybe good, but it has all advantage and disadvantages. Of course I loved it to spend the day with my friends here. But on the other side I missed my family and my friends in Germany. As well as the cold and the snow (even they also don’t have it in Germany).
However, it was anyway great. :)

We was planing this picnic on the beach and it was the best idea. Everybody should bring something and we was choosing one to make a present to.

So the Christmas preparing wasn’t too big. I found the present for Chester more or less quick. When I was running around for an oil radiator I saw by change this mini fridge. I’ve known immediately that this will be the right present for him. The idea was actually that he can put it on his desk or next to it… that he will have always a cold, refreshing drink at work in the summer. But as I realized later, it has just an adapter for the car, not for a normal socket. :( But he liked it anyway and they have a big car which has also a socket in the boot. So it will fit there as well very good :)

Then I was thinking about what to cook. My kitchen is very limited. So I decided to make ‘backed apple in puff paste’. Not really Christmas like… but I love it and it’s easy to make… and I know it will be eatable :) Plus Glühwein… of course :)

Unfortunately I overslept. My new mobile was off… battery empty (the batteries are shit). In the evening it was still half full.
So I had 1 1/2 hours left till the meeting. … I know it would be tight with the time. But what could I do… So a quick morning coffee and then straight in the kitchen. Preparing the batter, peeling and cutting the apples, heating the pan (I have just an paella pan… nothing else :D ) and then started to bake the apples in puff paste.
As I realized that I am running out of time, I started as well to prepare the Glühwein.. in the same time. I think I never had such stress in the kitchen :-)

With half an hour delay we arrived at Annas home. Actually we wanted to go to Ladies Mile for our picnic. It’s nice quite there and not so sandy (sand in the food doesn’t taste so good). But when we arrived there we realized it was stinking like hell. I don’t know what they did there… but it wasn’t nice to have a picnic there.
So, we turned around and went back to the beach in the middle of the city (which brought us at the end a lot of attention). :)

At least the beach was nice empty. The sky was a bit cloudy, but the sun was anyway long time out and not even a single rain drop (the most important). We had around 20 degrees in the shadow.
And so we started to spread ourself out and prepare for our Christmas picnic. Anna was cooking yummy polish food (don’t ask me for the names… one was ‘Borscht’). Ira made meatballs. We even had a small Christmas tree and Christmas music… and a lot of fun :-)
After we arranged everything we went immediately to hand out our presents. :) Ira got from Anna self-made wool socks (which she was wearing straight away :) ). Anna from Ira a self-painted muse. Chester got from me the mini fridge and I got from him an candle holder with 2 big candles. :)
And then we opened to picnic :) And the food was delicious. Really, if you should visit Poland one day or you have polish friends… you should try the polish kitchen. It is sooo yummy… I could die for it. (Or maybe Anna is just a brilliant cook.)

The rest of the time we enjoyed the moment and was talking.
Of course we was also the attraction on the beach. People which was passing by on the pavement stopped and started to make pictures (maybe even videos).
A small girl was really cute. She was walking with her mother on the beach and when she saw me (I was in a Santa dress) she started stunning. I believe in this moment she started to believe in Santa Clause again :-)

After a beautiful sunset we started packing again. After sunset it becomes quick chilly.

And so we 4 had a wonderful Christmas afternoon on the beach :)

But no good things without bad things… Today my fridge broke down :-( Now I need to buy a new fridge. What a shit :(

I hope you had also a wonderful Christmas time.

Best regards

Here some pictures from our X-Mas picnic

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