Happy New Year!

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Actually I wanted to write today a longer article again. With an end-of-the-year review and all this. :) But the time was running away again. And so I don’t have time anymore to write a big review…

I just have a look into my picture folders… to see what happen this year. I can’t remember much of this year… the year passed so quick again.

In January we went to Troodos. Anna, Ira, Chester and me. It was a lot of snow there and we went bob running. I was the first time since ages on a sledge :D Was really fun.

No idea what happen in February. No pictures.

The highlight in March was definitely our dive in the dam. Diving at the flooded old church of Alassa. The water was really cold (around 12 degrees). But it was really fun and the most amazing dive I’ve ever done so far. The weeks of preparing was worth it.

Also we went a lot outside in March, to make pictures and I had my first dehydration (not funny!).

I celebrated my birthday still in Cyprus. Ira made me as present a dive at the Zenobia. On the 20th I was finally flying to Germany.

Also in the summer we went out from time to time to make pictures, diving and so on. One highlight was a weekend (acutally just a day) diving in the Karpaz area with Ira and Alice. Here we went diving at the end of the island. Maybe we was even the first people who went diving there. And we even saw (in)definable old things :)

Then I got the idea with the world record and did my – till now – longest dive of 8:30 hours. I hope the record attempt will happen next year.

In July I had a photo shooting (as photographer) again with Aneta. I could photograph her… or better her back with the new tattoo.

In September I was for almost 3 weeks in Germany. To the 50th birthday of my dad. And at the end of my visit I met with Ira and Chester in Frankfurt, where I also visited Sascha and Mira again.

And the rest of the year was filled out with work. Almost no other activities. (Which I need to change urgent again.)

So… I wish you a Happy New Year and all the best for the next 365 days ;)

Lovely regards


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