My beloved Olympus E-620 died suddenly and unexpected :(

My beloved Olympus E-620 died suddenly and unexpected. Rest in Peace my baby. … But a new one arrived already.

The old town of Nicosia by night

I went last weekend to Nicosia. Due to a canceled shooting with a hip hopper, we had to change our plans in the last minute and went to the old town of Nicosia to make some pictures of it. Have a look.

1st photo shooting with Océane – On the roof top

Finally I have a model shooting again. With Océane in Nicosia on the roof top of her 10 floor house. She is a very photogenic young lady and the shooting was really fun… as you can see. Have a look through the pictures! :)

Limassol by night. Photoshooting in the night.

Nightshooting in Limassol. On a highway bridge and also on my roof. One time with my old Olympus E-410 and with my new baby. Got some good shots. Have a look, it worth it.

To sleep in a real castle (Buffavento). Adventure pure.

Again I’ve done a very special and unique adventure. Sleeping in a real, 1000 years old, castle with an amazing view on half Cyprus.

Solar energy – My experience with my first (portable) solar system

I was thinking a long time already to buy a solar system for my outdoor activities. But which one? There are so many products on the market. Now I bought a, seems like great, solar system. Get here more information about the product, the maker and my experience with it.

Who the hell is Hugo?

Hugo. This name was sometimes in the travel reports. But who is this ominous Hugo now really? And why is there a Hugo, when we was just a pair? And why does the Facebook-Fans know more about him then my blog reader?